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Empowering The Wisdom of Crowds

Crowdmind is a Steem community project dedicated to finding, supporting and rewarding initiatives that harness the key of four primary crowdsourcing categories: crowd wisdom, crowd creation, crowd voting, and crowdfunding.

What that exactly means?

Crowd Wisdom

Unique crowd ability which powers every creative manifestation of its work. Imagine what synergy of minds can reveal around specific problems in science, business, art or any other topic.

Crowd Creation
Creative calls aimed at the crowd. We focus on creativity and crowd engagement level because if we connect online and offline space, we can reach the potential users who never heard about the platform.
Crowd Voting
Crowd voting is an integrated part of user experience on Steemit and Steem dapss. But it could be much more than a simple evaluating tool – and it completely depends on crowd creativity.
On Steem  there is no middleman or third party services, so every good idea can be funded directly from the community or individuals. Supporting this kind of initiatives could impact our reality.


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