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Natural Medicine

Celebrating natural wisdoms on the Steem Blockchain.

Natural Medicine is a community who welcomes anyone who has an interest in alternative health, from home remedies, herbal lore and science, indigenous traditions of healing, somatic arts and other practices that inform and support us to heal and nurture our bodies, minds and spirits. We wish to promote natural, holistic and supportive alternative remedies on Steemit, moving away from big pharma and towards a more intuitive healing. We welcome all alternative practitioners and those with an interest in natural therapies, cures and medicines, and are committed to sharing and promoting these paradigms and understandings on the Steemplatform. We support co-curation, mutual support and the promotion of the @naturalmedicine community, and are inclusive and respectful of each others skills, wisdoms and knowledge.

We also have a subsidiary group within Natural Medicine, 'Be Mindful', which aims to gather meditators in a space to share, grow, discuss and support each others meditative practices.

Real time conversations in our Discord channel add value to the Steem experience, enabling us to ask questions and share knowledge with everyone. Anyone that’s interested in sharing and learning about alternative ways to heal and nurture their minds, bodies and spirits is welcome to join us. We have all kinds of people from yogis and meditators to herbalists and alchemists and permaculturalists. Most of all, we’re just ordinary folk who want to chat about natural medicines – and everything in between.

Posts under the #naturalmedicine tag on steem are shared in our ‘post promotion’ channel in Discord, where we encourage members to comment on other’s posts. This helps writers feel heard, but also adds value in other ways too. We encourage dialogue, not monologue. We aren’t alone on our healing journey, and our community makes sure of that.

Once a week we ‘curate’ the best posts and acknowledge the awesomeness of Natural Medicine advocates on the Blockchain. We run competitions and challenges for steem rewards and welcome writer contributions who are rewarded for their work. We also interview Steemians about their healing practices and journeys to help spread wisdoms as well as allow them to earn a little steem through contributing to the community.

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