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NeedleWorkMonday is a community of needle artists from all around the world that share our love and passion for the needle arts.  We are a supportive group that encourages one another and supports each other’s work through upvotes, comments and positive feedback.


We get together every week to share our work, ideas, tips, patterns, shortcuts and to inspire the Steemit blockchain.  Our hopes are to encourage crafters to dust off their needles and get crafting again as well as encouraging others to give it a try for the first time. On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag and on all other days we use the #needlework tag.


We welcome all levels of needleworkers!  We have those who just purchased their first skein of yarn and hook to those that have been needling for years!  We are all here to learn and grow together.


You are welcome to join if you do any of the following needle crafts but certainly not limited to:


• Sewing
• Crochet
• Knitting
• Cross-Stitch
• Embroidery
• Upholstery
• Needle Felting
• Quilting
• Beadwork
• String Art
• Appliqué
• Needle Lace
• Ribbon Work
• Tatting Work
• Textile Arts and Crafts
• Crewel Work
• Costume Artists
• Tapestry
• Macramé


Every Monday posts that meet the posting guidelines will receive an upvote from the @needleworkmonday account. Getting a resteem and a feature in our showcase is earned by those putting in the effort to make a quality post. These posts are a representation of our community and we want to highlight them!


We do community projects where we challenge our members to give of their time, skills and talents to bless others.  We also run fun contests where we reward our members for their participation and efforts.


We emphasize the importance and appreciation of interaction and support within our community. This community was built on these principles and we have worked hard to keep it that way.


We are not a drop off community where you stop by, share your post, expect support and then leave. If you expect support we expect you to support others. A simple comment to show you have read, enjoyed, appreciated, learned from etc. a post, will suffice. We ask that you at least support two other needleworkers on the Monday’s you share a post!


For more information on our posting guidelines and tag usuage please visit our FAQs:

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