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SteemitMamas, from Strangers to Support Buddies

Supporting One Another From Across the Globe

As mamas,  we know that we face different set of challenges from day to day.  We have mamas who are expecting,  divorced,  single mama, adopting mama and also grandmama!  Some among us have special needs children, and we know it isn't easy to share all these challenges.  Hence this community is fashioned for the like-minded mamas to offer support,  to hear each other out and to find beauty in our daily "chaos". We constantly remind each other how important we are and what a good job we are doing,  despite feeling lousy at the end of a day.  We allow mamas to express and to love fiercely, just how a mama is designed to be. One of our constant reminders would be taking a deep breath after everyday to know that we are enough.  With many contests going on,  we are "made" to reminisce and to savor our moments with our children and remember them as part of our motherhood journey.  As of now,  we only allow mothers to join us and not open doors to fathers, to make our mamas feel safe to be in this community.

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