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Remember the first time you joined STEEM?


It was exciting...It was oozing potential...But you needed a month to even understand the difference between Steem Power and SBD.


That's why we developed - the complete A to Z guide for STEEM that gives 'the rest of us' an inside look at the blockchain.


It's simple...We need to remember that the majority of users that join STEEM today and in the future are not blockchain experts...So our training is focused on them!


The Steemian that wants to learn about the blockchain without needing a PHd in computer science.


We developed SteemSavvy to be fun, educational but most of all....Addictive! Each step of the training generates rewards for our members and encourages them to 'keep learning'...


Through interactive video training and step by step courses we teach you everything from powering up to the massive potential of our dApps...And everything in between...


And best of all...It's 100% free!

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