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SteemSpeak Discord

Where everybody knows your name!

SteemSpeak Discord is the largest active STEEM community on we have. Established in 2016 we have been helping thousands of all sorts of people with all sorts of solutions, built fantastic STEEM-Software(s) an3.

Powered with helpful OG´s and the enforced "No Bullshit"-Rule, has made SteemSpeak the open Free Speach place which time and time again has set the agenda when it comes to STEM-Improvements, think-tanking, problem solving and community building.

Our members receive airdrops, rain & tips the more active they are on Discord. We have a completely reliable system for withdraw, deposit and even games.

We welcome everyone to bring their community, friends, and family to be part of an amazing, serious and helpful STEEM Blockchain Community.

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