Steempress Sponsors A Redfish to Minnow Tasks – Make 250 New Minnows in a Month

The #tenkminnows team have been working hard behind the scenes to provide opportunities for our #tenkminnows to earn more rewards on their post. Working with sponsors, during the course of this Make 250 New Minnows in Month event, we will be pushing out some tasks that will help you earn those rewards. 

Steempress Task

After speaking with @fredrikaa from @steempress – we are delighted to announce the support of @steempress to our Make 250 New Minnows in a Month Event.

Steempress is a WordPress plug in, that allows you cross post from any WordPress site to STEEM and have STEEM comments left on a post, show up on a WordPress site.  WordPress is the worlds largest platform used for blogging and Steempress as a tool opens up a whole new world of opportunity for STEEM to attract new users.

With great content comes rewards and @steempress will be reviewing posts made to #tenkminnows via steempress with the aim of supporting these creators.

The Task

Write a post via steempress on any topic you like.  You must use the tag #tenkminnows.  Remember content is king so don’t push out a shit post.  Aim for a minimum of 750 words, add in some images and if you are stuck for something to write about, please do consider these prompts

  • My Goal and Aspirations on STEEM
  • STEEM accounts you really should follow
  • My favourite STEEM apps
  • A Steempress tutorial

Don’t have a WordPress site?

Don’t worry, @mmunited is to the rescue and has offered to allow 5 #tenkminnows use his WordPress site to complete this task.

@theexcelclub will also allow 5 #tenkminnows use their blog, however the content must be on Excel or PowerBI.  Do contact @paulag if you wish to post via @theexcelclub.

@steemcommunity are offering the same.  5 #tenkminnows can use our blog to post via steempress to steem. Please contact @paulag if you wish to avail of this offer.

Sponsor Make 250 Minnows in a Month

A big shout out and thank you to today’s sponsor @Steempress.  If you are interested in sponsoring a task for this event, please do contact @paulag or @steevc.

You can also:

  • Keep an eye for our updated list of supported accounts and send votes where you can.
  • Follow @tenkminnows trail on steemauto
  • Follow @tenkminnows guild on steemvoter
  • Delegate to @tenkminnows

This is a month long event that will end on the 5th April.  We are looking for support for 1 month only.  Lets make 250 New Minnows in a month. 

Calling our #tenkminnows

To our #tenkminnows – we look forward to seeing your Steempress posts.  Don’t be afraid to link to them in the comments below.  And don’t forget check back for more tasks soon.

Sorry for the massive tag but this is a shout out to all #tenkminnows. Make sure you dont miss out on this task

@nelinoeva @alokkumar121 @lenasveganliving @goodnode @mistakili @cwow2 @dronegraphica @ayushjalan @psos @migueliglesias @redheadpei @arnel @src3 @grider123 @bucipuci @pardinus @whornung @deerjay @audreybits @ericburgoyne @squishysquid @anroja

 Shameless Promotion

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