Understanding the STEEM Blockchain Economy

Free Video Course to fast track your understanding of STEEM and its cryptocurrency ecosystem

The STEEM ecosystem is a complicated system, we have coins and tokens that we can earn from posting, engaging and curating, but to transact on the platform, as in post and curate, there is a cost associated.  These costs are in the form of resource credits which are directly correlated to the SP you have.

Sounds Complex right?  Good because this course has been designed to simplify the understanding of this complex system.  We are going to break all of these terms down, along with many more so you fully understand the Income and Costs on the STEEM Blockchain and how they all work together and what impact they have on your account.

By the end of this course you will have a deeper understanding of:

– STEEM and its role in the blockchain.

– SBD and its role in the blockchain

– STEEM Power and its role in the blockchain

– Voting mana and its role in the blockchain

– Resource Credits and its role in the blockchain

In addition to this you will learn how to use tools like the internal exchange, resource credit checkers, voting mana simulators and much more.